About Us

Hi and Welcome

I created this website with my lovely techie and supportive husband Eric to provide help and support for small to medium businesses in our local area Sydney’s Northern Beaches. We want to bring effective and supportive low cost options to these hard working local businesses who may not be able to afford the larger Digital Agency costs or even know how to brief them.

We are passionate about creating websites that work hard for their business and not the other way around.

I originally trained as a Chartered Accountant in Ireland and worked in Finance Teams for large corporates for the past 20 years. I noticed in recent years that even my profession was changing drastically due to technological changes and global trends to outsource accounting work overseas. I realised I needed to up-skill in other areas if I really wanted to be in control of my working life and career.

So my husband and I have the spent the past 5 years doing online programs and attending live seminars on Digital Marketing and other Entrepreneurial development workshops. We were looking for something to give us flexibility to be able to work from home and provide excellent service to our potential customers.

Eric’s background is in IT – consulting and network solutions and is fantastic at keeping up to date on all this new techie stuff. Better still he makes it easy for non techie people (like me!) to understand why an IT issue is important.

So why would you choose an accountant and IT Consultant to carry out SEO services on your website, you may ask?

  1. We love reviewing, renovating and re-launching websites
  2. We believe that businesses without an online presence are going to struggle to remain relevant in the Australian marketplace – more and more customers are finding it faster and easier to order goods and services online
  3. We have spent thousands of dollars working with other experts to create websites for us and in the end felt we could have done a better job ourselves and in some cases we did all the work anyway – they just put it all together
  4. We know the mistakes business owners can make when they don’t fully understand how it should all work and what to expect and we can help you avoid those mistakes
  5. We’ve personally invested our time and money in our training and education so you don’t have to waste your precious time and dollars
  6. No, we don’t have years and years of doing this type of work however the changes online are so fast and more user friendly that if you did train say 3 – 5 years ago or longer you are actually “old hat” or dare I say “black hat” (just means using poor habits online to gain traffic that Google and the other Search Engines are clamping down on)
  7. We’ve got simple and straightforward practices that we will take you through step by step that you will understand and more importantly; we know work
  8. Google’s mission is …. “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” We support that mission and want to help local businesses benefit from it
  9. We’re passionate about what we do, we’ve spent a lot of time investigating other business models and love working in the digital space. We have applied our training to our own websites and seen the results for ourselves
  10. As a trained accountant, I am still always looking for how will this work for the “bottom line” or the business’s profit. Most businesses, even the large corporates don’t always view their websites and digital platforms as assets. I see them as assets that can create what every business needs “cashflow”, as long as you know how
  11. This process does not have to cost a lot of money, its knowing where to invest your time and dollars to get the best return on investment

Finally, we want other businesses especially local businesses to have success with their digital businesses as well as the traditional part of their businesses. It breaks my heart to see new businesses premises closing down and not even make it past the first year of trading.

There are no guarantees however I am sure that if some of those building costs were put aside into a digital marketing campaign these businesses might still exist today.

I also hate to see old crafts and trades disappear such as our local shoe repair that recently closed down, if only he’d had a good web presence he might still be servicing our local community.

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